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Last Fall we travelled to Dangeau, France to host a Photography Workshop at a beautiful chateau named Chateau de Bouthonvilliers. We had ten amazing photographers from all around the world (Australia, the Netherlands, United States, Canada) come join us for this incredible experience. 

To say I was a bit nervous about everything going as planned, is an understatement. After months of emailing & trying to find the PERFECT gowns for the workshop (when I have a vision in mind, I can’t settle for anything less) we finally had a gown being shipped to us! Well…that gown never arrived and it was the day before we were flying out to Paris. Scrambling to find a new gown, I messaged Vivienne Paris and thankfully she responded right away and was happy to lend us one (A beautiful puffy sleeve gown by Alon Livne White). 

There were many little hiccups along the way & during the workshop…BUT in the end, everything worked out. The attendees had an incredible time and built super strong connections with each other & the vendors… the food was absolutely delicious (take me back!)… and the history behind the old chateau blew us all away (The owner gave us a fun tour one of the evenings during our stay). 

I couldn’t have pulled off this workshop without my lovely friend & planner, Vivian Lyttle Events. We came up with the concepts, designs & schedules together and worked tirelessly up until the day we flew out to make it come to life. I’m not sure I could do it again (haha) but I’ll cherish these photographs & memories for the years to come! I hope to be back in Paris real soon.